RIVAL KINGS stellen Video zum Track Bad vor.

Bad wird auch auf dem kommenden Rival Kings Album War enthalten sein, welches am 30. September 2016 erscheint!

Rival Kings ist für Fans von rock und alternative und klingt ähnlich wie RedensART, Baba Shrimps, YOKKO, Violent Mae, Pablopolar.

Songs For The Lonely Generation Rival Kings’ new single «Drown» is here, and it’s a pumping, raging beast. The band turn their earthy songwriting into modern pop music like it’s nobody’s business. The six-piece band’s new single «Drown», heralds their second album «WAR», the successor to their acclaimed debut «Citizens» (2014). «WAR» is a commentary on the inner struggle of a generation full of doubt and enforced individuality. Read more on Last.fm

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